Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy your art ONline?

You can find my prints and greeting cards on my Etsy - I'll also have originals occasionally for sell on there. If you would like a list of available original pieces please send me an email at

Where can I buy your art in person?

My art is sprinkled around the world, mostly within the United States. You can find a selection of my greeting cards at any brick and mortar Urban Outfitters. If you are local to Southern California you can find some of my work at Seed Peoples Market in Costa Mesa. My work is all about in Long Beach, some of my favorite places you can find it are The UPS Store on 2nd street, Peacock & Co, + Wide Eyes Open Palms.

What kind of mediums do you use?

My most commonly used medium is Watercolor, I will often incorporate ink and gold leaf to bring texture. I also occasionally work digitally on an iPad Pro, mainly in the Procreate app.

What brand of Watercolor paint do you use?

The type of paint you should use really depends on your skill level and budget. If you are interested in just doodling around with watercolor as a side hobby to release some of your creative emotions but you aren't necessarily looking to spend an arm and a leg, a few brands I would recommend are Winsor & Newton Cotman, Reevesand Koi by Sakura. If you are willing to spend more for a higher quality product some of my favorite brands are Senellier, Schmincke, Winsor & Newton Professional, and Daniel Smith

WHat type of paper do you paint on?

I always paint on Watercolor Paper - which is specific to using a water-based paint, it is much thicker than other artist papers and often has a toothy texture that helps to soak up the pigment properly. I will often work in the 140lb and up range of thickness, and a few brands I enjoy in order of affordability are Fluid, Fabriano Artistico, and Arches.

What kind of brushes do you use?

I'm surprisingly not much of a brush snob. I usually just select whatever is on sale as long as its specifically made for watercolor. Brushes can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the material used for the bristles. Generally I stick to synthetic bristles, but I do have a few genuine squirrel or sable hair brushes. I personally don't find the difference between synthetic and genuine brushes to be worth the heaping price increase. My general go-to brushes are Raphael